InterNations Webinar "10 Major Hidden Pitfalls of Job Seekers" on March 26, 2022

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It features the topic "10 Major Hidden Pitfalls of Job Seekers" and will take place on Zoom on Saturday, March 26th, 2022, at 3 pm GMT+1.

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Why this topic?

Finding a new job can be very frustrating, especially if your hard work produces little results, that is to say, too few invitations for job interviews and other problems.

But what can you do if you simply don't understand what your lack of success is caused by? Is it simply the tough labor market or are you maybe repeating a terrible mistake all the time without being aware of it?

Avoid these 10 major hidden pitfalls

Participate in this free webinar if you want to discover 10 secrets of why job seekers frequently fail and how to easily avoid those pitfalls by making a few simple changes to your job search.

We are going to cover the following areas:

  • The lack of understanding of the real goals of hiring managers
  • Critical misconceptions about finding open positions
  • Pitfalls of presenting yourself on LinkedIn and similar professional social media platforms
  • Wrong networking styles
  • The lack of focus in your CV / résumé
  • The lack of persuasive power in your CV / résumé
  • Sending boring letters of motivation
  • Going to job interviews too little prepared
  • Being always the second-best candidate after job interviews (and hence not getting the job)
  • The lack of success in salary negotiations

I will start the webinar with a structured presentation on the topic, share my hands-on experience, and give you practical tips.

Afterward, your questions and active participation in the discussion will be very welcome!

So, hurry up and join almost two hundred participants from all over the world now!

On September 1st, Ms. Betty M. from Kitwe wrote to me about a previous webinar:

»The event was very informative; I personally loved it. There are just sometimes a few details that we mostly neglect during the salary negotiation. But I liked that you managed to cover many areas. I don't regret attending it. Thank you.«